1. > Corgi Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe - Corgi Rae - Pet Parody Ringtone. Download Call Me Maybe - Corgi Rae - Pet Parody Corgi Rae Jepsen - Free Ringtones - Audiko

    "Corgi Maybe" ringtone. You’re welcome, world.

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  3. Check out Gimmick! aka Mr. Gimmick: The BEST non wide release NES game ever. I love everything about this game. A work of art: the music, characters, originality, challenge, unique star system, physics (on an NES!) and everything kick so much ass. Sad that this never saw the light of day outside of Japan and Scandinavia, it would’ve been an instant classic.

    Isn’t that the most beautiful video game world ever? I love this.

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  5. Ringtone: Momma Miss America by Paul McCartney

    One of my all time favorite instrumental jams. Paul plays all the instruments in this song (kick ass bass). It reminds me of driving alone at night with a cigarette, my dad during his artsy days, and straight up cool.


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